Following are the main points of the program that I developed for the Brussels regional elections of 2014. The ideas included in this one are still globally relevant in 2018.


In Brussels, almost one in four young people under 25, and nearly one in five people of all generations, is unemployed! The main cause? The mismatch between the training and the jobs to be filled.
We need to reform the education system in depth to take into account the needs of employers in the Region, for example by focusing on in-house training. A "round table" sector by sector will identify needs.


Many self-employed are exhausted in Brussels. In addition to funding problems, administrative burdens continue to increase, as do taxation and the cost of labor.
The Region must become the No. 1 working partner of its self-employed. A single point of contact should be proposed to help the self-employed in setting up projects, assisting with the process, supporting projects with banks, etc.


The inhabitants of Brussels have more and more difficult to lodge. Rents have exploded and at the current rate, Brussels should double its annual production of housing to cope with the increase in its population!
The Region must promote access to property, for example by extending the criteria for access to the Housing Fund and allowing reuse of registration fees already paid. The public housing offer must also be urgently increased.

Nurseries and schools

Affordable places in nurseries are sorely needed. In 10 years, Brussels has 34% more children under 3 years old. The number of places in schools does not follow the demographic evolution either.
The Constitutional Court found that the Region was not allowed to proceed with the construction of its schools and nurseries, even with its own money! This situation obviously can not continue. The Region must be able to drive its vital projects independently.

Our elders

Many of our elders suffer from isolation. Our increasingly competitive and individualistic society is breaking down links between generations. Finding one's place can really become difficult!
Brussels is rejuvenating! The Region must seize this opportunity to try to rewire intergenerational links. Seniors often love contact with children and pass on their experience. Up to the Region to promote beautiful encounters!


Our region suffers the daily influx of hundreds of thousands of commuters, most of them coming by car. Our roads are saturated. However, essential projects such as the RER (Regional Express Network) continue to be postponed.
The Region must work to exploit the train lines present within it (REB), develop the metro (North-South axis) and manage the parking policy throughout the territory in order, in particular, to operate the car parks optimally.

Our prosperity

The people of Brussels are becoming poorer in a region that produces almost 20% of the national wealth! Our method of financing makes us dependent on others for our development.
The Region must claim the payment of a substantial part of the personal income tax at the workplace. Commuters will thus contribute fairly to the funding and development of the Region that provides them with their jobs.