You will find below the main mandates that I have exercised in Evere during the municipal term 2012-2018.
I do not live politics but my job as an independent. I am a motivated citizen who is serious about the municipal activity of Evere. Having committed myself to those who trusted me in elections, I attach a lot of importance to follow the files and participate to a maximum of meetings, in parallel with my professional commitments.
For the sake of transparency, I deposit annually at the Court of Auditors a list of mandates, functions and professions. I also filed a declaration of assets. Some of my mandates are also subject to a public annual report to the Municipal Council.

Municipal Councilor

The Municipal Council of Evere meets once a month. Its members vote on the various points put on the agenda, concerning the life of the municipality. The session is public, so everyone can participate.
Ceremony of oath Ceremony of oath before the mayor of Evere, Rudi Vervoort.
In addition to the Municipal Council itself, I am a regular participant of the "Sections Réunies". These are briefings to Councilors that are held in anticipation of a Municipal Council. It discusses in more detail the most complex files.

President of ASBL Triton (municipal pool)

The Triton is a municipal sports center depending on the Alderman of Sports, consisting of a swimming pool but also tennis courts, ping-pong tables, a shooting range and many other facilities.
On a daily basis, the Triton is managed by a Director following the guidelines and budgets defined by a Board of Directors of which I have been President for several years.
The Triton Management Office meets at least once a month and carries out regular exchanges by email. I am regularly present on site, especially during periods of work.
Among our points of attention:

Member of the Board of Directors at Hydrobru and SBGE

Hydrobru (now merged with Vivaqua) is the intermunicipal distribution and purification of water. She is responsible for supplying homes with drinking water and recovering wastewater. I represent our municipality, so that Evere is treated fairly, especially at the level of the work to be done.
To fix the ideas, here are some figures relating to our municipality of Evere for the year 2016:
The Brussels Society for Water Management (SBGE) deals with large infrastructure such as wastewater treatment plants and large storm basins. It is a regional structure with which the general public is not in contact, unlike Hydrobru.

Member of the Consultative Council of Solidarity Between Peoples

The Municipality of Evere participates in the North / South Platform organized by the Association of Cities and Communes of Brussels whose objective is to set up a partnership with a municipality of the South to launch development projects. As part of this platform, Evere has made a partnership with the municipality of Oued Essafa in Morocco.
Other projects are also supported by the Consultative Council of Solidarity among Peoples. Each year, a fundraiser, through the sale of mulled wine, soups and waffles, is organized at events such as the Christmas Market, to send them to Benin.
In 2016, a fundraising campaign was carried out for an association of Evere. A call for applications was sent to all associations, but only two answered: Villa Indigo and Similes.
Similes is an association that supports the relatives of people with mental disorders to give them hope. Villa Indigo is a respite home that welcomes sick children to allow their loved ones to have a little respite.
The Council supported Villa Indigo in 2016 and Similes in 2017.