Very active citizen in Evere, I am a regular of many events organized within our municipality. For me, it is fundamental that Municipal Councilors invest in the life of the municipality and make themselves accessible to their fellow citizens. Not just a few months before the elections, but well throughout the legislature!
I present here some activities that are particularly close to my heart, among many others!

Annual Greetings

When I ran for the 2012 municipal elections, I was frequently told that "politics" were only heard when you had to be elected. I then promised those who trusted me that it would not be my case.
In addition to my almost constant presence in the activities of the town, I present my wishes every year to all Everois. On the back of my greeting card is a series of useful phone numbers including my private number. In this way, each year, everyone has my contact information to join me if he considers it useful.
Carte de Voeux 2018 (recto)
Distributing my card largely personally, I walk all the neighborhoods of the town, which allows me to stay abreast of everything that happens and meet residents of all neighborhoods.

Wedding Anniversary Ceremony of our Elders

I am a regular at the Wedding Anniversary Ceremony of our Elders, celebrated at the Commune. Contrary to what some people think, this activity is not part of my mandates, I participate in the Ceremony by pure personal initiative.
Our municipality does not have the means of expensive celebrations. I therefore find that as a Municipal Councilor, I can dedicate part of my Saturday morning to accompany the Alderman, and thus contribute without cost to anyone in the seal of the event.
Whether the Elders are accompanied or not by their family, such a presence is a pleasure. And for me, it is each time beautiful meetings with the evocation of beautiful family memories.

SEL Evere

SEL is the Local Exchange System. A SEL is a group of people making resources available to each other, according to a unit of exchange specific to each group. Evere has its own SEL system, SEL Evere, of which I have been a member for several years.
The SEL Evere meetings are typically held on the 1st Saturday of the month at 10am at the Evere Shopping Lunch Garden. If you want to meet us, without commitment of any kind, you just have to come, even without announcing you, you are welcome!

Sustainable Neighborhoods

The Sustainable Neighborhoods is a regional initiative aimed at supporting and promoting sustainable community-based citizen initiatives at the neighborhood level.
I participate in one of these Sustainable Neighborhoods. Currently, we have hens, bees and birds. We also have a vegetable garden. We are settled, with the agreement of the owner, on one of the three plots of building land of an old construction site located in Chaussée de Louvain near Paduwa. Do not hesitate to come to us to visit, you are welcome.

District Council

The District Council of Bas Evere is currently made up of ten volunteer citizens anxious to make the link between the inhabitants of the lower Evere neighborhoods and the various services of the municipality. I am a member, with a double hat of resident and Municipal Councilor.
The "Bas Evere" is bounded by Chaussée de Haecht (included) to the south and the Moeraske to the north. If you live in this area and want to join us, do not hesitate to contact me. If you live in another area of ​​Evere, I will gladly inform you about the Neighborhood Council to which you can turn.